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2017-18 Schedule


Adobe Muse

A four part course to Adobe Muse. This course is not an Adobe Certified course Places are booked upon a first come first serve basis, with no waiting lists. Please view the below information about course content. Plus date times and how to book.

This course will enable you to create engaging websites. Adobe MUSE is a new product that enables designers to design and publish websites without writing any code. Design your pages - focus on design rather than technology. Combine images and text with complete control, as flexibly and powerfully as you do in other Adobe products. An ideal course if you feel products such as Dreamweaver, or hand-coding is a step too far. Level of Literacy: no previous experience required.

Be aware that we will not follow this stucture to the word as we teach in response to students needs

At present we have not scheduled a course. If you are interested in attending a Muse course please contact