Software Training Falmouth University

2017-18 Schedule


Learn how to create and edit code!

Attain valuable and industry saught after skills in Web Code! Learn to creating a basic web page from scratch using HTML code. The key web design language to get you started in webdesign. There is a huge demand for a good code knowledge in industry. This will enable you to edit websites, web content management systems and HTML email... The next part of this course is CSS which will focus on the aesthetics of the web.

Course Structure

Each week we will build a Mini webpage projects using HTML & CSS. From a basic page to more advanced paralax pages. In the last two weeks, teaching will stop and we will spend time building your own website with Susannah's help and support.
This will enable you to put what you've learnt into practice and create your very own website.


There is a fee for the Course of £35. You will recieve a certificate of attendance. This course externally would cost around £1500+ and is a saught after skill to have.

New Dates in Autumn Term 2018