Software Training Falmouth University
bite size courses
There are many short bitesize/taster courses to enable you to gain the basics of applications and understand what they are used for, if they're right for you.

We will offer further courses throughout the year. All current Bitesize corurses are mixed with Undergrads except Outlook and Onenote

Please Contact us if you would like further information about the below courses at

digital imagery with Adobe Photoshop bitesize course

Thurs 8th February



DM IT Training Suite - Penryn Campus

Understand how to fully control the quality of a digital image. You will be able to use the image size dialogue box in Photoshop and understand how to preserve the quality of your digital images.

Level of literacy: Basic / no knowledge of Photoshop needed

Illustrator Bitesize Course

Tues 6th March



DM IT Suite - Penryn Campus

This course will enable you to have a good understanding of what Vector is and be able to create basic vector logo.

Using one of the most powerful vector graphic applications.

Level of literacy: No knowledge of Ilustrator is needed

indesign bitesize

Tues 13th March



DM IT Training Suite - Penryn Campus

Course Content: This is a short course enabling you to learn how to create a basic layout using text and imagery in Adobe InDesign

This is ideal for anyone who hasn't used InDesign before and would like to learn the basics or have a taster of InDesign.


Thurs 22nd February



Dual DC Mac Suite - Penryn Campus

Learn how to master wordpress and understand what Wordpress can do. 24% of all websites are made using Wordpress!

It's not just a blog!

Level of literacy: Basic IT literacy

Video Editing:With Premiere

Weds 7th February



Mac IT Suite - Falmouth Campus

A basic introduction to the powerful video editing application Adobe Premiere pro.

You will learn the basics of video editing, adding effects and how to save your footage to the best format.

Level of literacy: A good IT literacy.

Intro to excel

Tues 20th Febraury



DM IT Training Suite - Penryn Campus

A brief introduction to the basics of using Excel to organize financial data and create an invoice. You will be able to enter data into an Excel spreadsheet, sort and organize information and create an invoice.

Level of literacy: Basic / no knowledge of Excel needed

Digital Portfolios

Thursday 22nd February



DM IT Training Suite - Penryn Campus

Course Content: This course will enable you to create your own interactive document using InDesign. Level of literacy: You will need to have a knowledge of using InDesign (inserting, text, images and using colour)

Level of Literacy: a basic understanding of InDesign

Using the pentool

Weds 11th April: 9.30 to 12.30pm


DM IT Training Suite - Penryn Campus

Want to be a design master, you must first master the Vector Pen tool. The Pen tool is one of the most important items in your Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator toolboxes.

Session delivered by Susannah Travis

Level of literacy: A basic knowldge of vector is needed

MS word

Mon 30th April



DM IT Training Suite - Penryn Campus

This is a short course for anyone who has a knowledge of MS Word and would like to start using the advanced features for long documents such as dissertations.

The course will include Styles, Table of Contents, Foot notes and lots of useful features.

The course is aimed to make using word a lot easier when creating long documents.

Level of literacy: A fundamental knowledge of word is needed.