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ACA Photoshop

We are offering an intensive ACA Photoshop course this term. Places are booked upon a first come first serve basis, with no waiting lists.

Please look below for date times and how to book

Be aware that we will not follow this stucture to the word as we teach in response to students needs

The ACA Courses cost £45 per course. Your place is automatically booked after payment is made via the below buttons.

We will offer further courses throughout the year.
All term time ACA courses are mixed with Undergrads

If you are new to Adobe, we recommend to take some time to familiarise yourself with the application. This can be done by taking one of our bitesize courses or contacting us for some learning resources for beginners..


Autumn Term

Part Date
Day One 10th December
Day Two 11th December
Day Three 12th December
Day Four 13th December
Day Five 14th December


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